Her grief threatened to swallow her whole. When a seed of betrayal plants a devastating truth, will blood prove thicker than vengeance?

Jacklyn Stone is struggling to stay strong. Left bewildered by her husband’s death, the devastated widow feels her usually competent management over her garden shop sliding into chaos. So when her son and daughter suggest a brief vacation to help speed up her healing, she heads to the remote retreat… only to realize she can’t check out.

With her skin crawling as the so-called getaway reveals its true nature as a psychiatric facility, Jacklyn fights to establish her mental stability. But with her child determined to leave her locked in the gilded cage, she fears the tightly sealed grounds will be the permanent backdrop to her golden years.

Can she reclaim her home before it’s forever destroyed?

Shore Lodge is a pulse-pounding psychological thriller. If you like heroines with grit, tense stakes, and shocking treachery, then you’ll love Susan Specht Oram’s relentless revenge.

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Her sudden foray into crime may have her feeling guilty as sin, but this feisty mastermind refuses to let anyone else steal her plunder.

Jasmine Bucker is determined to save her father. But his rare form of deadly lung disease calls for cash she doesn’t have, so the devoted daughter turns to burglary and snatching the money from her shady boor of a boss. Though when her getaway is cut short by sirens, she vows to hunt down the bogus cops after they grab the greenbacks and vanish.

Stranded and broke, Jasmine realizes she must outwit callous crooks used to walking on the wrong side of the law. And with her dad’s hourglass about to run out of sand, she’ll need all the help she can get to liberate the life-saving loot…

Can Jasmine pull off an audacious, high-stakes recovery mission?

If you like quirky characters, devious plots, and fiendish twists and turns, then you’ll love The Thieves.

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She’s used to cleaning houses and getting down in the grime. But the dirt she just dug up could kill.

Miranda Diggs longs for absolution. But when she tries to purge bad memories and accidentally sends a motel up in flames, the regret-filled young woman seeks peace by checking into a mysterious remote resort. Driven by insatiable curiosity and venturing beyond “No Trespassing” signs, she’s horrified after stepping into a rundown barn that the doors slam shut… and lock.

Seeking a way out, Miranda pries open a trapdoor and follows the tunnel beneath into an eerie game that seems to know all her closest-held secrets. And as the trials morph from subtle emotional prods into life-or-death situations, her fight against the ever-closing walls threatens to become fatal.

Will her phobias push her mind past the point of no return?

Cabin Eight is the tense third book in The Millersville thriller series. If you like startling twists, dark conspiracies, and explorations of the dangers of technology, then you’ll love Susan Specht Oram’s gritty search for survival.

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Betrayed from within. Attacked from all sides. Can she avoid heartbreak and stop all who are intent on her destruction?

Violet Cleveland’s mind is running on high alert. Used to tough challenges, the ex-covert-ops leader worries about keeping her unstable hippie mom in line while opening a security business. And just as she lands a make-or-break protection detail, her parent’s evasive comments about an upcoming trip trigger a loud alarm bell.

Discovering that her inaugural job is tangled up in emotionally charged protests, Violet reaches out to the authorities for aid… only to be curtly dismissed as a fearmonger. And after heading undercover to track the source of the threats, she’s horrified to discover her own mom blowing her daughter’s cover to a potential lynch mob.

Determined to hold her ground, will she burn her last bridge home?

The Mother’s Threat is a page-turning, standalone novel. If you like driven heroines, complex relationships, and intense psychological drama, then you’ll love Susan Specht Oram’s high-stakes standoff.

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