Please... wear a life jacket

You never know what'll happen out on the water. Health chief urges swimming, boating safety after drownings - MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — Vermont's health commissioner is urging people to practice swimming and boating safety this summer following a number of recent drownings. Dr. Mark Levine said Tuesday to always wear a life jacket on a...

In the San Juan Islands

Moving a house from Decatur Island by barge... YouTube See a house barged by Nickel Bros from Decatur Island, WA to San Juan Island on a winter morning. It's been moved once before, in 1959, from Seattle's Capito...

Summer boating

With social distancing, more boaters are anchoring out. Here are some great pointers to remember. Anchor Etiquette, Nine Rules to keep friends in the anchorage Sail World - The world's largest sailing news network; sail and sailing, cruising, boating news

Life in the Pacific NW

A recent visitor to our neighborhood: a Great Horned Owl Great Horned Owl Great Horned Owl habitat, behavior, diet, migration patterns, conservation status, and nesting.,side%20of%20the%20Cascade%20Mountains.

Book Review: Blunt Force (5 stars)

Check out my book review of Blunt Force, a thriller by Lynda La Plante  Review | NetGalley NetGalley is a site where book reviewers and other professional readers can read books before they are published, in e-galley or digital galley form. Members register for free and can request review copies or be invited to review by the publisher. https:...

Book Review: Before the Ruins by Victoria Gosling (4 out of 5 stars)

I just reviewed Before the Ruins by Victoria Gosling on NetGalley. A missing diamond necklace, a rundown mansion and a group of outcast teens make for a good read. Review | NetGalley

Book Review: Set My Heart to Five (5 stars)

Check out my review of Set My Heart to Five on NetGalley. I loved this funny, insightful novel.  Review | NetGalley

Book Review: Before She Was Helen (5 stars)

I reviewed Before She Was Helen by Caroline B. Cooney on NetGalley:  This fast-moving story keeps the reader guessing.  Review | NetGalley

See Team Sail Like a Girl Race2AK in 2019

Race2Alaska is cancelled this year but take a look at how Team Sail Like a Girl paddled & sailed the R2AK race last year Video: Reliving R2AK 2019 with Team Sail Like a Girl | 48° North Ride along with Team Sail Like a Girl as they pedal and sail their way north during the 2019 Race to Alaska.

Book review: The Forger's Daughter (5 stars)

I just reviewed The Forger's Daughter on #NetGalley. Loved this riveting mystery! #TheForgersDaughter Review | NetGalley

IR best practices during a pandemic

Great article on IR best practices during COVID-19  Investor Relations Thoughts and Best Practices in the COVID-19 Environment | Business Wire Blog The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed amid a sea of information, but it’s paramount to focus on the health and safety of loved ones, family and ...

What is Investor Relations?

This article offers insights into the role of Investor Relations  The Role of Investor Relations - Importance of the IR Department Investor Relations (IR) combines finance, communication, and marketing to control information between a company, investors & stakeholders. The IR role is to enable the company to achieve the optimum s...

Dogs & Books (the best!)

Dogs are the best teachers  Kids Are Going to the Dogs to Practice Reading | Voice of America - English Some children are going to the dogs to practice their reading.   A nonprofit called People Animals Love (PAL) has a free after-school program where kids read aloud to therapy dogs and their owners, who are volunteers, in 30 libraries in...

Revealing article

Revealing article on ugly racism in the Romance Writers of America (RWA) Romance Writers of America had a history of racism. It led to its own implosion. - Vox Romance was one of the sexiest and most lucrative genres in publishing, and it had an ugly secret. Then its writers started speaking up.

Book Review: One Year of Ugly (5 stars)

Check out my review of "One Year of Ugly" on NetGalley  Review | NetGalley

Book review: The Push (4 out of 5 stars)

Check out my book review of "The Push" on NetGalley Review | NetGalley

Great book: “Pretty Things” by Janelle Brown (5 stars)

Check out my review of "Pretty Things" by Janelle Brown on GoodReads Pretty Things by Janelle Brown Pretty Things book. Read 1,116 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Two wildly different women - one a grifter, the other an heiress -...

Boating in the San Juan Islands

"MInd your bottom" (of your boat) when boating in the San Juans, WA Don't Tap Out in the San Juan Islands - Sea Magazine

A moment’s inattention?

A moment's inattention?

What all boaters want to avoid

What all boaters want to avoid: a fire on a boat,69075 

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